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Why Does This Keep Happening to Your Furniture?

Why Does This Keep Happening to Your Furniture?

Over the years, your basement or rarely visited “back room” has probably inherited some of the furniture you once loved. Even though you take good care of your furniture, it never seems to stay as nice as the day you bought it. Don’t feel bad–it’s not you! It’s the furniture, or more specifically, the finish.


Water Rings

Your kid (okay, and maybe you) forgot to use a coaster a couple of times, and suddenly, your coffee table is marked with water rings. Most furniture manufacturers use a polyurethane or lacquer finish, which has a durability rating between 4 and 6. A catalyzed finish like the kind GenCraft Designs uses has a durability rating of 10 and is able to hold up underneath those water rings. No coaster? No worries!

Cracked Finish

A shattered, cracked, or broken finish certainly takes the shine off your beloved piece of furniture. A home should be at 35-45% humidity throughout the year, but in extreme climates, those levels can be hard to maintain. When humidity levels rise or you crank on the winter indoor heat, your wood furniture expands. The wood can also shrink and crack if humidity levels drop. Additionally, mass-produced furniture is often quickly packaged and shipped before the finish has had time to fully dry, which does not allow for proper curating time. A catalyzed finish, properly applied and given time to cure, will expand with heat and cold and prevent cracking.


Despite what you may have observed on your tables or chairs over the years, a gradual yellowing or haze does not have to be an inevitable byproduct of passing time. The lacquer or polyurethane typically applied to furniture can cause this discoloration, as these finishes have amber undertones. Coconut resin, on the other hand, originates with a murky clear color, becoming even clearer as it ages.

The GenCraft Designs Difference

Using only a catalyzed finish with a durability rating of 10 and high-quality coconut resin, GenCraft Designs ensures that your furniture will withstand water, not to mention the daily reality of spilled and splashed food! Our finishes will also age gracefully, and beautifully, with your furniture, keeping it smooth and natural for generations.

These things don’t have to happen to your furniture. Visit our showroom or explore our online furniture gallery to see the difference for yourself!

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